Lab Members


Benjamin Sanchez-Terrones PhD
Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Member Huntsman Cancer Institute

Major Honors
• 2023 Highlighted Article, Heart Rhythm.
• 2022 Review Magazine Article, IEEE Pulse.
• 2021, 2020 Highlighted Articles, Clinical Neurophysiology.
• 2020 IEEE Senior Member.
• 2013, 2016 & 2018 Highlights, Physiological Measurement.
• 2015 & 2017 Featured Articles, Physiological Measurement.
• 2014 & 2016 President’s Research Initiative Award, American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine.
2014 Martin Black Prize for the Best Paper Award, Physiological Measurement.

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Gia-Bao Ha
PhD student
Gia-Bao attended the FH Aachen in Germany where he got his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering with great distinction and MSc program from Aachen University of Technology (RWTH Aachen) with specialization in control and system engineering. He is pursuing his PhD on biomedical sensor fusion. Outside of work, he enjoys films, video games, and badminton.


Henry Crandall
PhD student
Henry graduated summa cum laude from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Russian. He is now pursuing a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering with an emphasis in bioimpedance. He is also a diehard Utah Jazz fan who loves spending time outdoors


Elaine Wen-Ying Wong
BSc student
I am an honors electrical engineering undergraduate at the University of Utah. I am currently working on developing disease classification algorithms. In my free time, I like to play video games, read books, make arts or crafts, and play or listen to music!


Nathan James Hansen
BSc student
Nate is set to graduate with a B.S. in Computer Engineering in spring 2023. He is currently working on his senior thesis project to develop a robust Wi-Fi communication strategy for bioimpedance diagnostic hardware. Outside of academics, he enjoys running, hiking, playing the piano, reading, and learning new skills.


Shaun Cameron Mckellar
BSc student
I have a BS in Physics and Electrical Engineering and I am currently working on a MS in electrical engineering with a focus in peripheral nerve injuries. I work part time as a TA, and a lab technician for extremely high pressure-low temperature experiments. I want to pursue a PhD in the field of bio electromagnetics.


David Needens
BSc student
I am an electrical engineering undergrad at the University of Utah. I enjoy working on electrical musical instruments. My hobbies include playing the guitar, reading about history, and hiking.


Dinali Assylbek
BSc student
Dinali is working towards a Computer Engineering Bachelor's degree at the University of Utah. He has future plans to start his own business. Originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Dinali loves sports, both as a spectator and a player, when he's not studying.



Shriraj Gudipati Reddy
BSc student
Raj is currently a third-year Computer Engineering student at the U. He is currently working on building a database for data entry regarding user information such as blood pressure and heart rate. In his free time, he loves watching soccer and playing video games.


Samuel G Wimmer
BSc student
I am a computer engineering student in my second year. My hobbies include going to the gym, snowboarding and solving problems. A fun fact about me is that I speak spanish.


Xuesong Luo
Visiting PhD student
He received hi Ph.D. degree in Electromechanical Engineering in Beihang University and is currently postdoc at the School of Aerospace Engineering, Tsinghua University, in the National Engineering Research Center of Neuromodulation.


Arnau Marin Llobet
Visiting BSc student
He obtained his B.S. in Telecommunications engineering with focus in the Signal Processing track from the Telecom School of Barcelona and is currently a Research Assistant at Harvard University.


Tara Zamani
BSc student
Tara is obtained her master's degree in Computer Engineering through the University of Utah's B.S./M.S. program. Her research interests are in medical applications and neural engineering. She is currently Research Assistant at Duke University.


Ye Zhou
BSc student
Former ECE undergrad at the U and currently MSc student at Rice University


Albert Cheto Barrera
Visiting BSc student
BSc in Math and Mechanical Engineering. I love sports in general, especially soccer. I also like music very much. I played the recorder, the piano and also sang in a choir. He is currently a MSc Statistics and Operation Research student.


Fu Zhang
Visiting PhD student
Currently postdoc at Hunan University. His research interests are fast measurement technology in electrical bioimpedance and electrical impedance myography theory.


Marti Martinez de Morentin Cardoner
Visiting BSc student
BSc in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Since 2019, he is pursuing a M.S. in Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, awarded by the “La Caixa Foundation” fellowship.


Maria Guasch Morgades
Visiting BSc student
BSc in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. She is currently Master Student in Bionics engineering at Università di Pisa - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna